NYFW Spring 2022

New York Fashion Week Spring 2022

We saw Spring 2022 as a few ideas, starting with our perennial favorite of Bette Davis in “Now, Voyager” – the literal influence of her butterfly cape, and Paul Henreid purring in her ear cannot be resisted.


The colors for spring 2022 are fantastic and saturated in a very “juicy” way - lime, lemon, limon, mango, persimmon, gazpacho. Even the neutrals have a thread of white in them to give them a milky, smooth glow in salt, mocha, and latte.


Because we have been so deprived of actual travel, we went back to Mark’s favorite childhood memories of sketching Lucille Ball in her heyday – specifically during her and Ricky’s trip to Italy. The love of the country and the people comes across and we channeled that into some beautiful, classic but modern pieces.


The collection has so many different looks and addresses our customers’ varied lifestyles – the only thing that remains a constant is the element of glamour, in everything that we give her.


Our goal for Spring 2022 is, as always, to create clothes that make our clients confident, secure, and powerful. Oh, and making them feel and look beautiful is a big part of that as well – probably the most important part. When our customers feel comfortable AND gorgeous – that is when they rule the world.

-Mark Badgley and James Mischka-


This collection is available for purchase starting February 2022

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