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Spring 2019 Look 5

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    For Spring 2019, Mark Badgley and James Mischka take a trip through the looking glass into an Alice in Wonderland–themed collection filled with embellishment, belted floral dresses with layers of ruffles, marabou accents on sculpted necklines, and shades of lavender and periwinkle combined to create a feast for the eyes. “It’s all a beautiful fairy tale this season,” shared Mischka. “Princess pink, Elsa blue, beautiful colors—and everything is super lightweight, so it just floats.” With an abundance of blooms, candy shades, and brocade, the sweetness may prove too saccharine for some, but there were subdued moments. Sleek silver sequins accented with a panel of pale pink on a slinky gown provided a palate cleanser, as did a simple yet effective look comprised of rose gold fringe

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