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Add the perfect accent to any outfit with one of these stylish designer women’s watches by Badgley Mischka. Made from fine silver- or gold-toned metals and reflecting the brand’s signature high-fashion vision, these watches are must-haves for any style-savvy individual.

Beyond chain links and leather bands, you’ll love draping your wrist in such decadence, thanks to the beautiful crystal embellishments and shimmering metal tones. Complementing your jewelry or worn by itself, Badgley Mischka women’s watches deliver an unprecedented level of elegance.

Watches: An Underrated Women’s Accessory

Now that nearly everyone carries a smartphone, the watch has become an overlooked accessory. While your phone may provide the time, it’s never as convenient as glancing down at your own wrist — and in spite of the case you’ve selected, it’s not quite the style accessory you’ve envisioned.

Along with this notion, you still can’t make an appearance at a red carpet event with your smartphone in tow. That’s where Badgley Mischka’s fashion watches come in. When you need to maintain a formal or professional appearance, it looks much classier to use your watch to check the time than to pull out your phone, especially in a yellow, rose gold or silver tone accented with delicately shimmering Swarovski crystals.

Besides giving you a more polished appearance when you’re amongst those you want to impress, a dress watch can also elevate your personal style, with an elegant, sophisticated edge and jewelry-based silhouette. Simply slip on one of these designer watches and your ensemble will instantly appear a bit more luxurious.

Stunning Women’s Watch Styles

Whether you match or mix metals, Badgley Mischka’s assortment lets you coordinate your new watch with your current collection of accessories.

On the classic side, silver-tone watches have a timeless, chic appearance that can be paired with any color, dark or light. For a bit more warmth, a designer gold-toned watch looks extra luxurious and is a popular pick for those who already wear lots of gold jewelry. For a richer, more feminine tone, go with a rose gold watch, which universally flatters all skin tones and reflects current fashion trends.

Throughout each design, all Badgley Mischka women’s watches stand out with sparkling embellishments along the bands and watch faces, putting them on equal footing with any bangle or bracelet. Whatever your style vision, find a varied, fashion-influenced selection of designer women’s watches whenever you shop at Badgley Mischka.