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Whether accompanying a skirt or adding an edgy accent to shorts, tights and hosiery deliver a polished, finishing touch to outfits dressy and casual. While they’ve been in and out trend wise — absent for a good deal of the 1990s and 2000s as bare legs came into style — hosiery has exceeded its office-only reputation, due in part to the explosion of patterned possibilities occurring over the past decade. Badgley Mischka blends these variations in with our old-school Hollywood-leaning sensibilities, and the result is ready to tackle the workplace business dress code, enhance plenty of casual-to-trendy wardrobes, and complement a wedding ensemble.

Tights for All Tastes

Up to the 1990s, it was a given pantyhose would be worn with a dress or skirt. Much like foundation on the face, they evened out skin tone, giving legs a lightly luminous sheen in the process, and projected a more put-together appearance.

Styles changed with the decades. For instance, it was relatively common to see a seam along the back through the mid-20th century, but in the years after, the sheer and barely there look became relatively commonplace. Eventually, barely there led to wearing no pantyhose at all.

Through the ‘80s-influenced styles of the late ‘00s, tights made a furtive return that gradually picked up steam, through lace-like textures and patterns that built upon the momentum of leggings. As leggings themselves hold strong within the year-to-year spectrum of trends, patterned tights remain a statement-making accessory, whether your outfit involves shorts, a romper or a casual dress.

Reflecting All Occasions and Trends

Badgley Mischka’s hosiery juxtaposes our love of mid-century Hollywood starlet-influenced trends with modern details and wardrobe needs. In turn, styles begin on solidly practical ground, with sheer or opaque pantyhose in nude or black tones. Control tops complement the versatile, formal-leaning designs, offering a moderate shapewear-like fit that smooths out the wearer’s figure.

Yet, for your internal fashion blogger, patterns and designs span traditional to ornate and detailed. Within this spectrum, indulge your retro style visions with visible seams and light textures. Or, draw attention with intricate lace, floral or lattice-like diamond patterns covering the full length.