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It’s winter, and who wouldn’t want to be curled up at home, in front of a roaring fire? Unfortunately, many of us, in some capacity or another, have to head out into below-freezing weather, with slippery, snow-covered pavement beneath our boots. The way to make it all bearable? A soft, ultra-warm scarf wrapped around your neck, tucked into the collar of your jacket for the perfect level of coverage. It’s as if you’re saying, “Winter, you’re no challenge for me.”

Face the Cold in a Badgley Mischka Scarf

Practicality and cold-weather comfort are at the heart of all Badgley Mischka scarves and wraps. We begin with wool blends, softened with other materials like nylon or acrylic to feel like your favorite sweater.

Yet, wool itself is a key winter material, no matter how you wear it. Naturally, wool helps with trapping warmth, holding it in small air pockets against your skin. And, offering a secondary but nonetheless crucial level of comfort, wool fibers wick away moisture naturally — key when it’s freezing but you’re sweating — and control odors in the process. All in all, it’s a must for scarves and neck wraps meant to get you through the year’s chilliest days.

Styled Precisely for Winter

However, Badgley Mischka couldn’t just leave our scarves at this point. To us, every day is a chance to feel red carpet ready, even if you’re just walking around the city or starting your morning commute.

Our winter version of retro-tinged runway couture begins with refined knits for a silky feel that drapes around your neck and layers over turtlenecks and under overcoats without ever feeling heavy and bulky. We don’t stop here, though. Much like the rest of our winter accessories, we experiment with different textures, ruffles, crystal accents and other elegant embellishments, giving each scarf an always-glamorous character.