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Winter’s brisk days — of plunging temperatures and winds whipping around right when you step outdoors — have reared their head, and expect to stick around for the next few months. Like most, you’d rather stay indoors, but responsibilities are calling — whether that’s off to work or to run some errands.

So, you bundle up with your coat and scarf to face the weather head-on. The only thing missing? A cozy beanie to keep your body heat close and complement your cold-weather style. That’s where Badgley Mischka’s winter hats come in.

Crafted for Colder Weather

Although couture sensibilities run through our brand’s veins, the trick to outlasting the cold comes down to construction. Specifically, the perfect winter-weather hat or beanie helps trap body heat, keeping you warm in the process, but never causes you to feel uncomfortably hot. As well, the hat itself never feels heavy and itchy — but shouldn’t be so light you can feel the wind passing through the knit.

With these aspects in mind, all Badgley Mischka hats are designed out of a wool blend. Acrylic and nylon create a soft, sweater-like feel next to your skin, and from here, we make use of wool’s naturally warmth-retaining properties. Additionally, as you feel totally toasty, wool works to wick away sweat and moisture and helps with odor control — all key to staying dry and feeling fresh.

Adding our Signature Touch

A knit beanie or winter hat, on the other hand, often looks ordinary, composed almost strictly of knit material. While we start with this reliable base, we give each hat our definitive touch, ensuring it’ll match the rest of your cold-weather outfit. As such, Badgley Mischka beanies sport small yet impactful crystals that dazzle even from a distance, intricate beading, attention-grabbing knit textures or elegant faux fur pom-poms. Pull up the cuff for a closer fit, or keep some space for an effortlessly slouchy look.