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Ordinarily, cold weather doesn’t translate to the most glamorous looks. You’ll settle for the slouchy knit beanie — after all, it does its job by keeping warmth close — and let the scarf envelope your neck, to the point your personal style is partially obscured. Yet, winter’s arrival shouldn’t mean your penchant for dazzling accents and fine materials takes a back seat until spring. Instead, earmuffs from Badgley Mischka highlight it precisely.

Earmuffs Have Returned

Considered a somewhat dated accessory, if not an item strictly for children, earmuffs have experienced a resurgence over the past few years. Practicality is one of the factors behind its swiftly renewed popularity: Much like how a puffer vest targets your core with warmth and eliminates the extra bulk around your arms, earmuffs block out the cold, banishing the biting sensation around your lobes, and provide just enough coverage to keep body heat close without feeling cumbersome.

Beyond this practical angle, earmuffs offer an alternative to the many variations on knits we’ve come to expect with beanies. As such, a practical wintertime accessory complements your specific, personal tastes, and the styles available span the classics to refined and glamorous.

Badgley Mischka’s Unique Take on Earmuffs

In tackling this timeless accessory, Badgley Mischka gives earmuffs our own spin. On one end, our couture and red carpet heritage emerges through elegant, fashion-referencing details that speak to your completely unordinary, fastidious tastes. On the other hand, we’ve spent the past 30 years admiring retro Hollywood style. While most associate that with sun-dappled California landscapes and movie premieres, it further translates to wintertime accessories’ silhouettes and details.

Between these two points, Badgley Mischka earmuffs rest on familiar shapes and a cozy feel — a must for your wintertime wardrobe. Yet, building upon this base, you’ll find sophisticated faux fur, shimmering crystals and other attention-getting details.