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Glamour doesn’t begin and end with your outfits. You’ve long been inspired by the lifestyles of the rich and famous — particularly the somewhat understated yet nevertheless ostentatious ways Hollywood stars of a bygone era used to live. Your vision isn’t of mansions, but rather of gold-plated, elegantly bedazzled items throughout your home hinting at your famously refined tastes.

From this angle, Badgley Mischka approaches our interiors, crafting our furniture and home décor with the same panache and appreciation.

It’s in the Little Things

A dog bowl. A mirror. A picture frame. These seemingly mundane objects spaced throughout your home appear relatively low level in terms of design, but as our long-time customers know, Badgley Mischka never passes up a detail. Thus, add just a little luxury to your home’s interior through gold-plated or crystal-accented facets, rich woods, or contemporary-styled light fixtures that add artistic appeal while illuminating your space.

Take It Up a Notch

A similar aesthetic spills into larger items for the home — think coffee and end tables, shelves and various sculptures. The metal and wood interplay exists — this time on a grander scale that’s meant to enhance your living spaces. Here, Badgley Mischka’s contemporary art influences emerge, through strong angles that evoke midcentury sculpture techniques without ever seeming overtly retro or dated.

Badgley Mischka Furniture

Complete the Badgley Mischka touch with furniture influenced by old Hollywood and yesteryear’s décor trends. A mix of hard and round edges with carefully selected metallic surfaces evoke the 20th century’s art deco style of architecture, while darker woods, floral prints, velvets and upholstered pieces emphasize its luxurious angle further. Yet, playing off this, the occasional coastal fixture takes a low-key, relaxed approach that’s reminiscent of a star’s hidden seaside getaway.

For a fully styled Badgley Mischka home, shop the full range of sofas, loveseats and beds, all designed with the brand’s signature vision and details.